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Hi there :) I guess I can use this for people to pay for commissions and designs..

or if you feel like it, a simple donation?

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The joy

My boyfriend has returned safe and sound from Afghanistan!!!! 
He is doing well and a bit sleepy from all the travel. Lol 

The heartbreak

My 'moms' filly has been colicing on and off since we have owned her. We got her from a lady who rescued her from a backyard breeder at the age of 3. (We bought her at the age of 4, she turned 7 this year)
Christmas morning though, I went outside and found her laying flat next to my gelding. 
I got her standing but she lay night back down. 
No rolling, which is unusual when she colic she normally is a baby with pain and flails. 

Turns out she had started late christmas eve night after we went inside. She had rolled around all night and twisted her intestine. This caused her body to start to fill with gas. Overnight she went from normal, to the size of a heavily pregnant made from all the gas built up in her body.

There was nothing we could do. It was either try to keep her standing for a 5 hour drive to the only equine hospitals (which she could hardly stand longer than 25 minutes) then pay $5,000 just for hospitalization, not including possible surgery. Where even then she had only a 30% chance of life and would need thousands in more mediation. 

Or let her die comfortably via sedaction and injection. 

RIP Diamond. You were such a sweet, silly, clumbsy young mare. We loved you so much. 

Now my poor gelding has lost his herdmate for the 2nd time. 
Moonshine is 11, and his mother passed away 4 years ago. Then we purchased Diamond and she passed away this Christmas. 
This poor gelding is very lonely and confused now. 
I give him all my hugs and cuddles, but it breaks my heart everytime I have t go in for the night and he stands alone in the darkness, hollaring for me to come back. 

What a Christmas. 

My boyfriend/bestest friend in the whole world, has been away on deployment this year. 


How soon? 

Sorry can't say :) Ya know those Army rules.. 

Anyways. I've been getting ready for his return and flailing all over. Im so tired of crying and worrying about his safety. I just want him all snuggled on the couch with me while we hide from all the cold weather. :giggle:

Second order of business. .

I have a new laptop! :D 
BUUTT I can't use Gimp on it.. well I CAN but, the only Gimp that can be downloaded for their site is the 2.8.whatever. and the current version has a glitch were it doesn't read tablet's pen pressure. They know about the issue but are just going to have it fixed in the next version. (which doesn't come out till this coming year? ) 
Well anyways. 
This means I can't do my art. :( Because I am a Gimp girl 100%. 

I do have corral painter, and sketch book which both came with my new intous pro tablet! :la: (Old tablet died 2 days after my old laptop.. :shrug:
I don't like sketchbook. :( it doesn't do a think like im used too. 
I do kinda like corral painter.. it's interesting. I think it has BG drawing potential BUT it doesn't smudge like Gimp did and every single paint/brush/pencil/marker/etc tool draws in the colors around it. haha I guess what I'm saying is it works like real wet paint, etc, instead of digital drawing where you can paint over everything without it bleeding through. :XD: 

So im so super grumpy about that. :/  I have 3 images I was trying to make very detailed for Urs's story. But nuuuuuu I don't have my gimp to use. rawr.
I have the trail of SAI right now and it's alright. It's very similar to gimp. I like the pen tool better on SAI but I like the coloring better on Gimp. 
My trail is almost up. Due to finals (Which I have just finished Yeehaw!) I haven't been able to use it much. 
Im trying to work as fast as I can on the art instead of writing the stories first, like I normally do. 
I really don't want to buy SAI. 
I really want to try and hold out until the newest Gimp is released for free.


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